GoToMyAccounts Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

GoToMyAccounts is now able to accept Bitcoin payments. This payment option is not yet available on the Plan page, so please send a support request and we will provide a wallet address to fund your account. Very soon this option will also be available on the plan page and will work without the need to manually request a receive address from us.

How will Bitcoin funding work?

Because Bitcoin funding requires the sender to initiate all transactions, we will implement a "top up" payment schema that adds credit to the portal account. Monthly subscription fees are then debited from the portal account's available credits. If your available credit is running low, we will notify you of the need to top-up the account.

What if I want to cancel an account and I have a credit balance? Are those funds refunded?

Generally, top-up balances will not be refundable, but the credit balance will not expire and remain yours to use at any time.

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