Bank Wire Transfer Payment Method

The Bank Wire Transfer payment method works a little different than other payment methods. It simply collects information about the incoming transaction. Thus, you should populate the footer notes of the payment method with instructions to your customers. This would typically include your bank name, routing number, and account number. The person submitting the payment will send account information with their payment and bank information as well so that you can locate the payment data when it arrives.

Note: This payment method is not connected to banking systems in any way. It is merely a way to let your customer see how to make the wire transfer and then to indicate the payment has been initiated from their end. It does still need to be confirmed as received on your end. There is an open feature request to modify this payment method so that any payments submitted via this method are initially only marked as "pending" until a staff user confirms the deposit. Once that feature is ready, this help document will be updated accordingly.

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