Email Setup

The initial email sending settings will use your signup email address. In many cases, this is not desirable and you will want to change the sending email address as well as the from name. On the Email Settings page you can make these changes. Click the "save" button after making the changes.

Ensuring Delivery with Domain Validation

Although you can leave the default settings, it is recommended that you setup domain validation for your sender email address. This will help to ensure proper delivery and avoid "bounces". The above video tutorial will show in detail how to setup your domain validation.

Sending email through your own SMTP server or a third-party service

You can also opt to send your emails through your own SMTP provider. Be sure to test the settings prior to saving. Keep in mind that we are unable to trace emails sent using your own provider. We will log errors, but we cannot get additional troubleshooting information that we are able to see when sending from our internal servers. The video (above) in this article will also show how to setup your own SMTP settings.

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