Billing Automation Changes in GTMA IV

The Automations tab no longer exists in GTMA IV. This is due to the way that automation and notifications works.

All customer users have the ability of receiving billing notifications. On the users tab, the last option in the user grid is to enable or disable billing notifications. By default, this will be enabled. If you don't want the user to receive billing notifications, just toggle the feature off by clicking it.

The other Billing Automation options (enable/disable/pause) are available at the top of each customer screen - both in condensed and expanded views. Just click to toggle the options.

Can non-users receive billing notifications?

No. This is due to the way notification email work. All notification email now have their own unique token. This is so that any notified user can use their own token to access the bill payment screen. Using their individual token will not cause other users' token to be consumed. Each token now also provides for click and open tracking.

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