Can you explain all the pricing details?

A brand new pricing structure went into place on May 22, 2018. This purpose of this article is answer common questions about the new pricing schema.

How is the new schema more flexible?

In the past, all GoToMyAccounts plans had to be based on a customer count tier. For example, if you wanted to be able to enable 75 customers, you would need to subscribe to a GoToMyAccounts 100 tier. A common issue with that type of schema is users would often have to enable a tier that far exceeded their actual needs.

I have an existing monthly plan with the old pricing. What happens to my plan?

If you have a current plan that was setup with the old pricing, you can continue using that plan until November 1, 2018. On November 1, 2018, the old pricing will be fully retired and you will need to convert your plan to the new pricing schema.

I have a free plan with the old pricing. Can I still use that plan?

If you have a free plan that was setup with the old pricing, you can continue using that plan until November 1, 2018. On November 1, 2018, the old pricing will be fully retired and you will need to convert your plan to the new pricing schema.

I have an existing annual plan. What happens to my current plan?

If you have a current annual paid plan, you can retain that plan until it expires or until you need to make a change to the plan tier. If you end up needing to make a change to the plan prior to the expiration date, your plan will be converted to the new pricing schema and your account will be credited the prorated (unused) portion of your old plan. If you have any issues making such a change, please contact support and we can assist you.

How will I know what I am being billed each month?

The cost component of your staff user count is fixed and is prorated anytime you perform an upgrade or downgrade of your plan. All other costs are based upon actual usage (total number of records and users enabled). You can use the pricing calculator at to do "what-if" calculations based on different user counts and usage levels. Your plan page in your portal will also show you the current estimated total amount to be billed based on current usage.

What if I disable a customer during a billing cycle? Does that customer count toward my total users?

Yes. Any customer that has been enabled at any time during a billing cycle will count toward your total customers enabled for that month. However if you leave the customer disabled, it will not be counted in subsequent billing cycles. In that case, it would not be counted again until you enable it in some new billing cycle.

Why is PayPal no longer accepted for subscription payments?

The problem with accepting PayPal with the new pricing schema is that monthly subscription cost will likely vary each and every month. PayPal subscriptions are designed to be set once at a fixed cost and allowed to continue until they are cancelled. Thus, PayPal subscriptions will not work for this type of billing schema.

I really want to pay with PayPal. Could I prepay with PayPal and use a credit balance to pay my monthly subscriptions?

I am working on a way to implement that. The idea will be that you will "load" your account with credit and that credit balance will be used to pay your subscription each month. The part of this that needs to be refined is a way to remind users when their current balance/usage is no longer sufficient to pay the monthly subscription total. If you REALLY have a dire need to pay with PayPal (in the meantime), please contact support and we can arrange to fund your account with a prepaid credit balance.

I like the more flexible pricing, but why is GoToMyAccounts now charging for data?

This is an excellent question. One of the limitations in the previous pricing schema was that all portal accounts had a set limit of 12 months invoice retention. We allowed an override of this setting in cases where the portal admin requested additional months due to a business need or AR aging. What really was needed was a way to allow portal admins to retain as much data as they wish. This could be just additional months or even years of retained data. Retaining additional data means higher data and processing costs for GoToMyAccounts. The new pricing schema now addresses this by adding a metric to the overall subscription cost. For most users, the cost is relatively nominal. At the time of this writing, the data cost is $0.01 per customer record and $0.003 per invoice record.

Note: If you have a very large number of records (customers or invoices), contact us and we can discuss special data pricing that is fair and affordable.

I have a LOT of data records and the data/storage costs are quite high. Is there anything I can do to get those costs down?

Data/Storage costs are waived on plans with 4 or more staff users. If you increase your plan to at least 4 staff users, you will incur no data/storage fees. For accounts with large amounts of data, this will reduce your cost considerably.

Why is the data cost based on ALL customer/invoice records in my portal rather than just records I have enabled?

This has to do with the nature of how GoToMyAccounts and the sync functionality works. We sync data as it changes. This is done primarily because it is the most efficient way to keep a large dataset in sync. In order to sync data in this fashion, we must sync ALL data records, even those that are not currently in use or enabled. That's because a portal admin can enable or disable customers at will. The data for those customers needs to be immediately available. If we attempted to sync all data every time a customer was enabled or disabled, the amount of load in both server processing and bandwidth would become unmanageable.

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