Why is the GoToMyAccounts SSO WordPress plugin no longer published on the WordPress plugin library?

In early 2020, it was discovered that the GoToMyAccounts SSO WordPress plugin was showing as being closed in the WordPress Plugins Library. We did some checking into this and discovered that it was removed due to the primary contact email not being available or answered.

This was true. The email alias was closed due to it being spammed constantly to the point that it just could not be used any longer. We did re-enable the email alias temporarily when contacting WordPress and notifying them about all of this. The email contact was updated, however they insisted that we do a code review (for some reason), even though the code had not changed and this could easily be seen because the source code is contained inside their own SVN repository. We never changed it.

However, we did comply and did a brief review, updated some links in the readme, and then resubmitted the code to their SVN repo. It was then rejected because we specified that it works with the current version of WordPress, but the reviewer of our submission did not realize that the new WordPress version had just been published. He insisted that we "obviously did not do the review" they asked for.

I personally checked and the version WAS correct, and then the reviewer acknowledged this but insisted that we do another review and do an even more thorough one than the previous one. Well... that was it for me. We don't "sell" or "promote" GoToMyAccounts via the WordPress website or plugin library. Thus, it really doesn't matter to me where someone obtains the plugin. It is CERTAINLY more convenient to just click on it from within the WordPress Plugin library, but most definitely not required.

So, I apologize to our users that you will need to download thehttps://git.gtmasys.net/gotomyaccounts/wordpress-sso-pluginplugin and then upload it on your WordPress site - which is documented in another article in this knowledge base. But my attitude about this is that we can continue to allow these larger players like WordPress to push around smaller developers and jump through their hoops, or we can simply reject these demands and publish our code where our users can easily obtain it and also view the source.

On a final note... It has been my experience that those GoToMyAccounts users who do utilize SSO (single-sign-on) are already "power users" or developers and are quite comfortable with downloading a plugin and installing it on a WordPress website.

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