How can I report a bug or feature request?

Bug reporting should be done by initially sending us a message from our help icon (inside the portal app or on the website) and place the word "bug" inside the subject line.

You can do the same for feature requests. Just make sure to add the words "feature request" in the subject line.

Check our issues page before submitting a new bug or feature request

In many cases, the issue or feature request you want to submit has already been sent to us. You can check our issues page at to search open issues.

What happens after I submit a bug?

We will review the bug and attempt to reproduce the issue or error being reported. We will typically respond within 24 hours to confirm the bug and provide additional tracking information.

What happens after I submit a feature request?

We will review the feature request and respond to your submission (usually within 24-48 hours). Valid requests will be added to our issues page and we will setup tracking of the request.

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