How to resolve stripe "Sending credit card numbers directly.." error message

If you have a Stripe account created after Oct 6, 2017, you may encounter an error message that states the following.

Sending credit card numbers directly to Stripe API is generally unsafe

The reason you are seeing this message is because GoToMyAccounts does not use Stripe's proprietary client-side JS library (stripe.js). We use the Stripe server-side library in order to tokenize card data.

The following video explains how to resolve this issue and why this occurs only with new Stripe accounts.

Although the error message seems ominous (and so does the solution), the way GoToMyAccounts tokenizes card data and handles tokenization is very safe. In fact, it is the same process used for all of our payment gateway integrations. It's also the same method used for the last 10 years. The method Stripe is urging is also safe and a perfectly acceptable way to tokenize card data. And it's probably a good way to do so IF Stripe is the only payment gateway your systems will utilize.

GoToMyAccounts integrates with many different card processing providers, so we cannot implement a proprietary payment capture user interface or library. We process all of that on our application servers.

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