Can I include QuickBooks Online invoice attachments to billing automation emails?

There are currently some limitations with the QuickBooks Online invoice attachments feature. Including QuickBooks Online invoice attachments in billing automation emails is not supported at this time. This is primarily because we don't have any way to know if attachments exist for an invoice until the moment we retrieve it from the QuickBooks Online API. We only do that if an invoice changes or when it is created. After that, we don't go and retrieve the invoice over and over again each time it's requested in the portal. It could work, but only if Intuit emitted a webhook event when an attachment is added or removed from an invoice. We could then go fetch the data and populate it on our end. But right now, they do not support that event type. I would imagine they will ultimately do it as that would be VERY useful to have. But they can be quite slow to add things like that and unfortunately we don't have any control over what and when they decide to implement things.

So for now, we pull the attachment data when an invoice is opened in the portal by a user. It will check if any exist and then display the list if data is returned. But within minutes (theoretically), a user in QuickBooks could delete the attachment and our back-end systems will know nothing about it. Thus, trying to include those attachments in automations is impossible until we have those insights.

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