How Does Auto-Enable New Customers Work?

As of Oct 30, 2021, the ability to automatically enable new customers is available. At the time of this article being published, this feature is currently only available with the QuickBooks Online integration. Support for this feature with QuickBooks Desktop will be released soon as we need to make some additional updates to our sync service in order to accommodate this.

How does it work?

The "Auto Enable New Customers" feature is disabled by default and it is recommended that you not enable this feature until you have already run your initial data sync. Turning this on before your initial sync will cause all of your customers to be enabled as they will all be seen as "new". That is likely not what you want. There are a few requirements/guidelines to follow for this feature.

  • The new customer MUST have a valid email address set in their QuickBooks record. If there is no email address, it will just be ignored. However, you can still add the customer manually.
  • If the email address matches an existing portal user, the new customer will be added, but no new user login account will be created. Instead, the existing user will gain access to the new customer account along with any other accounts they have access to.
  • If the email address does NOT match an existing user login, a new portal user will be created. Optionally, that new user can receive an invite email (see additional options below).

There are two additional options that you will want to set that correspond to the "Auto Enable New Customers" feature. Both are enabled by default once you enable the main feature.

  • Auto enable customer billing automations
    When you enable this option, newly enabled customers will also have their Billing Automation enabled. In most cases, this is likely what you want. If this is not enabled, the customer will not receive any automated billing notifications.
  • Auto enable customer invite send
    When you enable this options, newly enabled customers will receive an invite (welcome) email. Note: This will only be sent when the user bound to the new customer does not currently exist and is therefore a new user in the portal. If the newly enabled customer's email address matches an already existing user, it will simply enable the new customer and add that customer account to that user's login account. So be careful with this feature. If the customer email matches an existing portal user's email, they WILL have access to that customer account.
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