Transaction and Convenience Fees

Convenience and/or transaction fees currently have limited support. It is also important to understand that many jurisdictions (as well as payment gateways) regulate or outright disallow the passing of credit card transaction fees to the consumer. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in compliance with all rules, regulations, and laws in your jurisdiction and that of your customers' jurisdiction. It is advisable to seek advisement from an accounting, tax, or legal expert before implementing these types of fees.

This feature is currently only available as a "pilot" feature for certain payment providers and is also currently limited to our QuickBooks Desktop integration. Note: We are currently rewriting this feature to support both QuickBooks Online AND QuickBooks Desktop. See the following

Currently supported payment providers/gateways:

  • QuickBooks Payments (Credit Card)
  • QuickBooks Payments (ACH)

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