Customer self-registration allows an existing customer to visit your portal and register as an enabled user. They must be an existing customer in QuickBooks with the email address populated and the record synchronized to the portal. The record does NOT need to be enabled in the portal. The whole idea with customer self-registration is they register and enable their own account.

How to enable customer self-registration

Log in to your portal and go to Settings.. then Billing Automation. Go to the section "Default Customer Options" and check the box to enable customer self-registration.

How to get to the registration page

Once you enable customer self-registration, there will be a new link on the portal login screen so existing customers can register to use the portal. You can also place a link in emails, marketing materials, and on your company website. The registration URL is just your portal address followed by the page "registration.html" (example:

The customer registration process

The registration page is very simple. The customer just enters their email address and click "submit". If the customer record is found, they will see a message instructing them to check their email for further instructions. The email will contain a link which will expire in 30 minutes. When the link is clicked, the customer's record is enabled in the portal and they will be prompted to choose a password. They can then begin using the portal to view invoices, update profile, make payments.

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