From time to time, questions come in inquiring about various requested features and the status of those requests. This article addresses those inquiries as well as the process by which new feature requests are vetted, accepted, and ultimately implemented.

We DO accept new feature requests. This can be done via support ticket or general inquiry. The ticket will be classified as a feature request and then it makes it's way into our JIRA tracking software.
Sometimes a request or inquiry can turn out to be a "bug" and those also get placed into the JIRA system for testing and resolution.
Depending on the timeline and scope of the request, the JIRA issue will be linked back to the support ticket. The purpose of this is to alert the customer who created the ticket anytime something happens within the JIRA system regarding the request. Thus, anytime someone on our end makes a comment on or changes the status of a JIRA issue, it will also update the support ticket and email the person who created it.
ETAs For Completion/Resolution
It is VERY hard to issue an ETA for a lot of the requests that come in because there are always ongoing projects that will likely affect any new feature - even as it is being developed.
For example, a feature request related to payments can easily be delayed due to the fact that other parts of the payments system are in active development or retooling. There's not much that can be done about this. Both updates are important and the new feature request simply has to be placed on hold until the other updates are in place.
Therefore, we will refer ETA inquiries to this article when they come in, simply because there's no reliable way to give an accurate ETA in 90% of the cases.
You CAN access our JIRA system to see what is ongoing. Issues are categorized there and notes/comments are visible.
JIRA Issues (public view)
Exceptions to the rule re: ETAs
As is the case with all things, there are some exceptions to this rule about issuing an ETA for a new feature.
If the feature is being co-developed or co-funded by the customer. In those cases, we will likely have a fixed timeline (and ETA).
If the scope of the work is so narrow that an accurate ETA can be issued. Even then, it will be noted that it's only an estimate and other issues can cause the ETA to change.
Can I pay to have a new feature added more quickly?
We will do this in some limited cases. GoToMyAccounts is a SAAS (Software As a Service) product and thus the model is based on the fact that we perform ongoing development work to improve the software. Funding of a new feature, and the cost associated with that effort, is therefore limited to offsetting the cost of diverting internal development resources. That is, we will sometimes allow a new feature to be escalated if the customer is willing to fund the reallocation of dev resources to that specific feature. As was mentioned above, we can then more accurately offer an ETA because there will be dedicated resources assigned.
Is it worthwhile then to offer or request new features?
Absolutely! It is very much welcomed and encouraged. The product only becomes better (and more useful) when actual users tell us what they want and need.
Why do some features take so long to develop?
In most cases, this is due to the fact that the feature "touches" a lot of systems that already exist and modifying them can easily "break" things. In those cases, there is WAY more planning and design work that must be done. In many cases, it also requires redesign of existing systems so that the new feature is done properly and is extensible and flexible.
Some feature requests are just not in demand enough to supersede other more critical requests. With limited development resources, we have to channel those resources to what is deemed to be the most critical and adds the most value for users.
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