For those customers with QuickBooks Online integration, we have an auto-sync feature that will keep your data in-sync with your QB Online account automatically. Note: this is a premium feature and is only activated on paid subscriptions.

Here's how it works:

When you initially connect to your QB Online account, you will still perform the first sync manually. Just sync each element until they are all completed.
Free subscriptions will require that you perform regular data syncs as required.
Paid subscriptions will have auto-sync enabled by default. Once your account is on a paid subscription, it will begin receiving automatic updates as you make changes in your QB Online account.
What changes will auto-sync bring over to the portal?
Auto-sync will receive an update from the QB Online servers any time a record is added, changed, or deleted.
These notifications will hit our server, and then our servers will perform the required synchronizations. Note: there is a delay of a few minutes from the time the change occurs in your QB Online account and when Intuit sends us the notification. For example, if you add a new invoice in your QB Online account, it will show up in the portal within about 3-5 minutes. This is actually by their design. This prevents multiple updates happening at the same time or updates overwriting an update that is currently in process.
Do I still need to run manual syncs?
Not really. But you can always run a manual sync in the rare circumstance that an auto-sync failed and you don't see a customer, invoice, payment, etc.
Why is Auto-Sync only available with paid subscriptions?
Auto-sync requires data to be transmitted between our servers and QB Online servers on any change to your accounting data. Thus, it requires a lot of processing and bandwidth. This transmission of data occurs regardless of the account size or frequency of use/logins.
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