Quick Tutorials

  • Billing Automation Tutorial

    Billing Automation Tutorial
  • How To Force Records to Sync or Re-Sync

    How To Force Records To Re-sync
  • How to test email auto-login links (tokens)

    Here is a short screencast demonstrating how to troubleshoot and test auto-login links (tokens) that your customers receive in emails.
  • How to test QB Payments EChecks

    When setting up a new payment method, it is always a good idea to place the payment method in test mode and do a few tests. In order to test transactions with QuickBooks Payment EChecks method, you need to setup the test bank account with some specific settings. These can also be found in their d...
  • How To Upgrade/Downgrade Your Staff License Count

    Locating where and how to adjust your additional staff license count can be a little tricky. Here's how to do it. * On the left menu, click Account, then "Your Plan" * You can select the number of staff logins you desire. * Plan pricing will automatically be adjusted and a pro-rated amount due wi...
  • How To Use Deep Links with Email Templates

    Deep Links allow you to create single-use tokens that can be embedded in an email link or button. These deep links can redirect your user to any page you want to send them to immediately after the auto-login process. This is useful for emails that direct your user to accomplish a specific task li...
  • How to use the new email log feature

    The following screencast will show you exactly how to use the email log feature to research email deliverability. How to use the new email log feature
  • Invoice and Sales Order Template Primer

    A new templating system is now available for Invoices and Sales Orders. This feature works on both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online portals. The best way to get familiar with this feature is to watch the following video walk-through. I have also listed (below) links to the documentation ...
  • The Statement (format) tab explained

    The question comes up often about the "Statement" tab in the portal and why the numbers don't seem to match what is in QuickBooks. This 7 minute screencast will explain why that is and what the Statement format is used for. The statement tab (format) explained in 7 minutes