Information Regarding Support of QB Desktop Sync Application

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

GoToMyAccounts is able to support synchronization with QuickBooks Desktop by way of our Sync Application. This application implements Intuit's QB Desktop SDK in order to communicate with a QB company file. While Intuit continues to offer their desktop version of QuickBooks, the product has seen sparse updates in the last several years, and the SDK has not been updated now since 2013. The SDK uses a rather old and out-dated methodology for communicating with the desktop product (COM). While it works relatively "okay" with smaller amounts of data, it can quickly become unstable when dealing with queries that retrieve large amounts of data (more than several hundred records at a time). Even using the built-in iterator and grabbing only 50 records at a time can still result in crashes of the application as it reaches thousands of records.

GoToMyAccounts remains committed to supporting QB Desktop installations. We continue to work on and refine the sync app and we do try our best to deal with the fact that the SDK has so many issues. We have built in many workarounds to handle these. With that said, we can now only offer limited free support of this application. This document details what is included in free support and which types of support will now become billable.

Free Support

GoToMyAccounts will continue to offer free support for all sync app issues related to:

  • "onboarding": Getting started tasks and assisting with getting large data sets initially synchronized
  • Routine data sync tasks (less than 400 records at a time) - Exception: when onboarding. We will still assist you with initial population of large data sets.
  • Help with usage of the software: setting up scheduler, populating your sync key, how/where to run the sync app.

Billable Support

  • Support time related to large data sync jobs resulting from (but not limited to)
    • Data restores
    • Not running a sync for several days or weeks
    • Running special data processing or tasks (internally or from third parties) that cause large numbers of records to become "modified"
  • Support time related to PC problems or local network problems
  • Any support tasks that are considered "non-routine" use of the sync app software or involve the re-capture of very large data sets

How will I know if certain support will be billable?

We will let you know ahead of time if any support we will render will result in billable time. If we are uncertain at the onset, we will notify you the moment we have determined the support falls into a billable task. At the point, you can choose whether or not to proceed.

What is billing rate for billable support?

Billable support time is billed at $150 USD per hour. Billing time is incremented each 15 minutes or any part thereof.

How is billable support charged to me?

Once approved, billable time will be charged via your existing subscription payment method (unless another method has been requested).